The Kruegers // A Wedding Film

You know how they kept saying, "your college years will be your best"? 

I get it now. 


Looking back, I realize the relationships that I developed in college hold a special place in my heart.  Stephen and Chelsea definitely do. 

Stephen, Frank and I, are all film majors; and Stephen, Chelsea and I, all worked on the Yearbook together. So there's this feeling that we'll always be close buddies.  It must have something to do with spending countless sleepless nights in the studio working on film projects, or hours upon hours putting the Yearbook together. 

And now look at us, we're all grown up [key nostalgic music], and the Kruegers live in Japan. Wow.


Well enough reminiscing, let's get to the good stuff! Stephen and Chelsea had a gorgeous wedding right on the Lake of the Ozarks. I think our favorite part was seeing Stephen watch his breath-taking bride all day long. He couldn't keep his eyes off her! It was really fun to see that "look," the look that made us say, "Wow, he's so deeply in love with her." See it for yourself!


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