Daine & Ashley // Wedding Teaser

She was short, but then I noticed her blue eyes...and then she smiled, and then I was like ‘woah’..
— Daine

We were thrilled to document Daine and Ashley's wedding a few weeks ago. It was so beautiful and fun! They are such a sweet and loving couple, surrounded by a big group of friends and family.  Here's a glimpse of their wedding film to come.


And if you don't know the proposal story, check out our last year's video on Daine's very sweet proposal:


Not done with the goodies yet!

The very first video we have of Daine and Ashley was on a very cute photoshoot. It's so fun to see how a couple grows from year to year, do they seem a lot younger to you in this video?




If you want to see more wedding videos, check out this very classy Missouri wedding trailer: