A Bean Wedding Film

Some people may ask you if you’re a string bean, or a green bean, or a human bean, or a jelly bean...we apologize before hand, it just comes with the name.

I really like that name, Bean, it's such a cool name.  Daine and Ashley Bean are such a fun-loving couple, it's no wonder they work with youth!  It's hard not to have a good time around them. We had a blast filming their wedding, interviewing them, laughing with them... 

It was a beautiful wedding, and although rain did keep us inside most of the time, it did let up for a few minutes when we could get some pretty shots outside. :)

Mr. & Mrs. Bean, we hope that you enjoy your first years of marriage.  And we hope that you can watch your wedding film in years to come (maybe even when you're old and grey!) and remember your wedding day as if it were yesterday.