Our AMAZING Wedding Film by David Fiser

I'll admit right away that I'm biased about this film, I think most people are when it comes to their own Wedding Day, but take away the bias, and this film is still spectacular. 

We owe a HUGE shout out to David Fiser, our incredibly talented videographer that traveled out to the Dominican Republic to film our wedding. He's amazing, you'll be convinced of that soon enough when you watch our film. We can't sing enough praise about him, because he didn't just document the events of the day, he actually recreated our wedding, told our story, made us feel the excitement, the joy, and the love all over again. This is a piece of our hearts that will be passed on to our grand-kids, and it's being shared through beautiful cinematography.

And THAT'S why Frank and I do what we do- it's not about the business, or the extra cash. It's about telling the stories that need to be passed on to your children, your grandchildren. It's about capturing the moments and feelings that you can never recreate, but that you want to hold on to for as long as possible. 

Most of us realize how fleeting life is, and how precious photos and videos are. But life gets busy, and before we know it, we've missed years of opportunity to capture and retain those memories. So please do yourself a favor, and remember to take pictures or have pictures taken- and video. Remember that years from now, you'll be glad you have those captured moments to show your grandchildren. 

So, back to our Wedding Film that we've been dying to show you! Here it is, by the great David Fiser.  Please take a look at David Fiser's website, http://www.davidmatthewfiser.com/ . He's an amazing photographer as well- we couldn't be happier with his work. 

Hope you enjoyed experiencing our Wedding Day, and we hope you felt like you were there with us! If you want to hear more of our story, we have an "Our Love Story" video that was shown at our reception. It will give you some more insight on how our paths met, and how God orchestrated every step of the journey: