Top 5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Film

Photo by Kinsey Mhire

Photo by Kinsey Mhire

When we first started filming weddings, I thought to myself, This is great, everyone wants a wedding film! It's a perfect fit. We love filming weddings, and couples want them.

The thing that I missed seeing was that although it's something most couples want, it usually ends up at the bottom of the priority list - because of finances or maybe thinking photography is good enough. But I want to put the Wedding Films back on the top of the list, and I'll give you 5 good reasons why: 

5. Before you know it - it's over. 

Can you even count the times people have told you that your Wedding Day will FLY by?  I can't even remember how many times I heard this; I think after a while I kind of tuned out those typical comments. 

But HEY, it's true. I've been there, and the day goes fast because there's so much to do, so much to think about, so many things to check off the list. Were you able to fully enjoy your wedding? Did you miss seeing some of your good friends? Did everyone have a good time? Unfortunately we can't slow down time, but we CAN FILM it!  

A Wedding Film gives you the best moments of the wedding (funny, emotional, vows, speeches, dancing, etc.) Relive your day and watch your best friends laugh and cheer on the dance floor, watch your grandpa tear-up as he listens to you say your vows, and watch the way your husband gets choked up as he says his. These are moments you can't get back! 

4. for the loved ones that can't be there.

This was very important for Frank and I when we got married. Our families are so spread out- it would be impossible to get everyone from around the world to just ONE location for our wedding. Frank's family was in NYC, New Jersey and Dominican Republic, while my family was in Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, and Spain. So from the get go we were sure we wanted a Wedding Film. Doing so would let our families be a part of it- they even said they felt like they were there. And that's EXACTLY what we wanted. 

Chances are there are some special friends and family that will not be able to attend your wedding, but it would mean the world to them if they could share that day with you; how do you ask?  With a Wedding Film. ;)   

Here's ours to watch.*Disclaimer: It may make you tear-up!*

Film by David Fiser.

3. Relive Your Day over and over. 

I think reliving the best day of your life is THE COOLEST! I watch our Wedding Film all the time, and it's just amazing to feel like it's that day again. I feel the butterflies in my stomach, I'm with my family again, everyone is so happy and excited for us- the day Frank and I became husband and wife. 

It's the start of something so new and precious, and after years of being married, it will be such a treasure to look back and see where it all began. 

2. A lasting Investment.  

— Celia

Wedding favors, decorations, table linens, menus, food, dessert, the dress, flowers.... the list goes ON and ON of the wedding "essentials." 

Out of all of this, what's going to last? Sure you keep your dress and some keepsakes, but you won't ever use them again. As a matter of fact, your  Wedding Photos and Wedding Film are really the ONLY lasting investments. Something tangible that you can pass on to your kids, your grandkids... 

But be careful to not mistake Wedding Photography and Filmography as an either/or choice! You need BOTH. The photos will capture those moments that you can print and hang on your wall; your Wedding Film is a collection of captured moments and feelings that you can re-experience with more than just your visual sense; like a taking a trip back in time. 

1. It's Your Story - capture it!

THIS. IS. THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. REASON. OF. ALL!!        (Did the all-caps catch your attention?)

I can't push this enough. YOUR story is unique, it's inspiring, and it needs to be told. One of the things I always tell our couples is that an IRIS Film & Photo Wedding Film is sooooo much more than a replay of an event, it's a snippet of your love story, and a story about YOU, as a couple, and who you are.  

Frank and I had a rough beginning to our relationship- it was heart-breaking and spiritually challenging, but I wouldn't change it for the world, because it made us who we are, and built a strong foundation for our relationship. This is a story that we wanted people to know, and there was no other way to share it than through a love-story film. And that's what we did: 


Now granted, that's not exactly a Wedding Film, but it's very closely related - we showed that video at our Wedding Reception. But we also want the opportunity to tell everyone's story through their Wedding Film, like this couple's: 


And those are the 5 reasons- although if we ever sat down and chatted in person, I could go on and on about the benefits of a Wedding Film. But hopefully by this point you see it as clearly as I do. 

Thanks for reading! And please feel free to watch some of our other Wedding Films (and other films) here

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