Throw-Back Thursday with Ashley

Today we're participating in Throw-back Thursday! (for the first time ever.) 

I know we're ALL happy Spring is here and that the cold weather is finally over- all except those weird ones like Frank who love the cold. 

But I couldn't let this quick January shoot go by the way side without ever being seen. This is my dear friend Ashley, and as you can see, she's gorgeous. :)   The best thing about her though, is her heart and how dearly she loves everyone around her. 

It's actually kind of funny how I met Ashley. It's one of those it's-a-small-world things that you come across once in a while.


I think I was a teen or pre-teen when I became really good friends with Bekah. She was also a missionary kid living in Spain, but we lived 12 hours apart, so we became pen-pals. :D Haha, oh the days of hand-writing 4 page letters... (front AND back)  I still have a big bag of her letters actually. 

So we became best friends and continued to write for several years. -Don't fret, I'm getting to the part where Ashley comes in.-  One day I got a letter from Bekah saying that her family was leaving Spain and moving back to Nebraska for good. And that was pretty sad. :( 

But it was in Nebraska that Bekah and Ashley became really close- and so we fast-forward to my sophomore year of college at Evangel, where Ashley and I met, and shared a very close friend. So again, small world. Everything comes back around!! 

I'm so glad our paths crossed, it's so encouraging to be around Ashley. She's also a visionary, and it's fun to dream big things with your friends. We didn't plan this shoot at all, but we were just hanging out on a fairly warm and sunny January afternoon. After chatting over coffee, we went out and grabbed a few snapshots- I can't tell you how great it is to have beautiful friends. :D 

And as you can tell, she LOVES to laugh!! 


Look at that natural model pose, though! (Sorry men, she's already taken. :D )


Do you guys have any it's-a-small-world type of event? I would love to hear your stories! (Comment below)