Susie and her Handmade leather items


Everyone has that friend that's super creative, crafty, and can just about make anything they put their mind to. 

For me that friend is Susie Bock. I've known Susie for a long time- way back since the time we were little kids growing up in Spain. :) I feel SO lucky to be living in the same city- she has such a sweet and caring heart, she inspires me to be kind and God-fearing. She's also a nurse! (And loves telling gross, gory stories that make me cringe... Somehow she loves it, though!) And as I said, she can make about anything she puts her mind to. Right now I'm wearing a super cute apron she made me :D 

Susie started an Etsy Shop called "What We Fabricate," and she creates gorgeous handmade leather items. *SPOILER ALERT* We will be doing a video featuring Susie and her Etsy shop, where you'll get to see her at work!! Stay tuned, because we want to make it public in the next couple weeks! 

Not long ago I asked her that I needed a business card holder for our new (!!) business cards- so today she surprised me with this beautiful piece: 

And I LOVE IT!! I've been in a leather-phase recently. It's durable, easy on the eyes, has a great texture, and it even smells good!! Why wouldn't you want everything you own to be leather?! 

I'm pretty excited about it, and I keep telling Susie to add things to my "cart". Like a leather keychain, a necklace, watch band... and pretty much anything that could be made with leather. :) 

This is also the first time we've shown our new business cards online! You may or may not have noticed, but we redid our logo and now have an official color palette (we're so legit now, hah.) And we got BUSINESS CARDS! 

I think they turned out beautifully. We got them from, who I would recommend for all your brand-related printing needs! 

And they fit perfectly in our new BC holder!

A HUGE thank you and shout out to Susie and her talent for this perfect business card holder. Make sure to check out her Etsy shop! 

And DON'T FORGET: We will be featuring Susie and her shop in a short film in a few weeks!! Keep an eye out, it will be adorable! 


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