Susie Bock with What We Fabricate || Artist Film Feature


Today I want to feature Susie and her Etsy Shop: What We Fabricate. 


Susie started her Etsy Shop so she could use her creativity to make custom leather items and then donate her profits to various ministries around the world. Take a look: 

Isn't she amazing? She donates all her profit to: Mercy Ships, On The Red Box, Iris Ministries, and Calcutta Mercy Ministries. 

So far she's made me a watchband and a business card holder, and I already have additional orders. You have to check out her shop for yourself: 

I can't begin to explain how much Susie means to me as a friend, and she continually inspires me to use my talent for Christ. During her interview, I really felt encouraged to use my creativity in some ministry-oriented way. It's so easy for us to get swallowed up by our adult responsibilities, and I know for me especially, it's easy to get sucked into work and trying to be "successful in my career." [Whatever that means.] I don't want to spend most of my time just working to make a living, I want my life to mean something, to be used for a much greater purpose that's outside of myself. 

Ministry needs to be where we're at right now.

What she said resonates with me. I don't know how or what it is that I should do, but I want to stop focusing on myself, and spend my time on something that actually matters, that will make a difference in this world.  Sometimes we need a little bit of a wake-up call. 

Thank you, Susie, for sharing your story and inspiring me (and probably many others) to invest in God's work.