So I definitely am not so good at posting regular blog updates- and each time I do one I say I need to do it more regularly and somehow it doesn't happen. I hope someday I'm better at it and more disciplined, for now I am posting not just because it's been forever, but because I'm paying to renew my website subscription this month, so I better use it! 

So... if you happen to follow me on facebook or instagram you will know that... I'm a new mom! It's hard to say that sometimes because I considered myself a mom when I was fostering, but how else to say it... I have birthed my own biological human being. :) 

Lucas Franquelis Diaz was born on May 15th, and he's beautiful. In ways it feels like the last 2 months have  been a blur, and in other ways it feels like it's been like this for a long time. I'll share a bit on how it's been and how I'm feeling and then I'll share some more photos! 

I'm amazed every day how my love for him keeps growing. It's really cool to feel so connected to someone that you ache when you're away, or you're still within inches of him and feel the need to be physically touching. It's super fun to see his personality develop- he's SUPER smiley and sometimes I think he has that charming, flirty smile. I think he's going to be a silly boy. 

The hard thing right now, besides how terribly long postpartum has been (and continues to be!), is getting tired of being at home so much doing the same thing every day: nursing, burping, changing, napping, some household chores, and repeat. I love being productive and DOING things, and doing the repetitive mom stuff doesn't count for me. I also anticipated this being difficult for me, and I'm starting to think about going back to the freelance world soon. Which leads me to other thoughts of trying to figure out how to be a stay-at-home-mom and also self-employed. I'm planning on doing a lot of editing work from home, and possibly scheduling shoots and meeting on days that Frank can watch Lucas. If any of you are freelance moms, please share your suggestions with me! For now I *try to* take it easy and pray for wisdom. Lots and lots of wisdom. 

And what about fostering? 

We for sure want to keep fostering in the future, but we're taking a break now to figure out newborn life and also because we don't have enough room in our tiny house. :)

Lucas Diaz Newborn Session 006.jpg

Lucas Franquelis



20 1/2"


Tiny hats on tiny beings.

If you made it this far, then you might want to check out my instagram! I post lots of Lucas photos and videos on my stories. :) 

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