We're headed to SPAIN!!

I’ve been so excited to share this news with you guys, and now that I officially have tickets booked I want to shout it from the roof tops!!

Yep, I’m headed to Spain in mid April with the little (Lucas) to do some filming with some pretty amazing people! I don’t think I can share too many details right now, but suffice to say I’m working with some of my fav people for an amazing cause.

The main story in this project is pretty incredible, in several meanings of the word. The journey (quite literally) is incredible, the heaviness and spiritual darkness is beyond comprehension, but all the redemption and healing the Lord brought is… I don’t know how to say it.. it’s more than incredible, and it’s more than powerful, it’s miraculous.

This is super exciting!! I’d be this excited just to work on such an amazing story for an amazing cause, but the fact that I get to fly back to my home where I was born and raised and stay with my parents for 3 weeks makes it THAT. MUCH. SWEETER. They are SOO excited for us to come, and they already are making plans on how to spoil Lucas 😬. My dad even started listing different sweets he was going to give him… 🤦🏻‍♀️

Poor Frank can’t come along and he’s pretty sad about it- so pray for him and give him a visit if you’re in the area while I’m away. (Just stop by and make sure he’s eating well to ease my mind, haha).

I’ll try to keep you updated through Facebook or Instagram, so make sure to follow along! And if you have some tips on flying solo with a toddler on your lap, PLEASE share them with me!! (I’m kinda nervous about that.)