We’ve covered the story elements and process, now let’s talk about the numbers. No matter the dollar amount, this will be an important investment for you and I don’t take that lightly. That’s why I always am very intentional in the projects I take on, and I pour my heart into them, striving for excellence in every way possible.

Here’s what’s included:

This is an all-inclusive film project, so everything from Pre-Production to Post is included, and you will end up with a polished, beautiful short film in your hands (figuratively).


The most important phase is planning and crafting the story. This phase includes lots of research, coordination, story finding, creating storyboards, pre-interviews, shot lists, production coordination and scheduling, brainstorming, meetings with team members, creating creative outlines and mood boards, and all the details that go into the 4 pillars of story. Many of these pieces will become deliverables as well.


The production phase begins when we begin filming. This estimate includes 3 full days of filming along with solid equipment capable of filming beautiful 4K prores video, slow-motion, and is small enough for easy travel and filming in crowded spaces (like India.)

*If there is a need for renting gear like lighting, that would have to be coordinated outside this estimate and with rental houses in Calcutta. This can be discussed later in the Pre-Production process.


Post-production is the editing process to get that finalized and polished +/- 5 minute film. This includes trimming interviews or broll, audio tweaking, sound mixing, music editing, and color grading. It includes 2 licensed music tracks (from amazing artists). There will be 3 rounds of amends, meaning you can tell me what things to change and I’ll give you a new version (up to 4 versions total.)

Additionally, the 5-ish minute film will be edited down to a shorter version of around 3 minutes. This version also includes 3 rounds of amends.

The final films will be delivered to you digitally in 2 formats of your choosing (usually high-resolution and for social media.)

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions at all!