Note to Kay:

I really enjoyed talking with you and hope we can work together! I just get so excited and fired up to film and tell stories that are impacting and meaningful, and even just thinking of the opportunity to work with you on a story like this is incredible, I can already see this film making big waves and bring in a lot of donations for Calcutta Mercy. When you were explaining your heart and vision to tell an emotional story that connects with women and not worrying about extra things that wouldn’t add value to the story, I was so pleasantly surprised at how well that aligns with my method and way I tell stories, and that doesn’t happen too often! :) I think we would work well together, and I believe we can produce a beautiful and strong film.

I like to be very intentional with my relationship with clients (although I’d rather use the word “friend”), and also in my approach to projects. So I just wanted to create this video to talk a bit of my work process and even some project ideas.


I’ve outlined my method of storytelling starting with the 4 pillars of story and why each are so important. Once we start working on the project, I’ll update each of these so everyone can stay informed and involved, knowing we’re all headed in the same direction with the same vision.



Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and learn about my process. You can click here to see the estimate for this project:

Below is an example of an Impact Story type of film. Different country and different type of nonprofit, but the idea is similar.