A well thought-out plot structure will increase engagement and make sure the audience keeps watching the film and pays attention. We use STORYBOARDS to map out the storyline.

Storyboards help to convey the intended story structure; a clear beginning, middle, and ending. Story leverages the desire of a character, and the conflict they encounter, to take the viewer on a journey that keeps them engaged throughout.

These storyboards help to convey the essential plot points in the story, along with the places we’d recommend using for each. Using strong and relevant places for each plot point helps to create more trust with the audience, while also making the story more interesting.

Having a strong story structure, as communicated through the storyboards, will ensure that everybody understands the vision for the story before we move into the production phase.



Once we find our character for the impact story, we will conduct a pre-interview to get a sense of the story and start crafting it for a solid and engaging plot structure. The plot points in our storyboard will be detailed with titles, descriptions, and reference images.