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Note to Patrick and Rebecca:

A huge thank you for visiting this page! I feel like I know you personally after watching you on videos and webinars, and reading your emails and blog posts for so long. But I realize you don’t really know me at all, besides the few interactions we’ve had that you may or may not remember. I feel super blessed to have learned so much from you, so thank you for investing in other filmmakers like me!

You’re looking for freelancers/contractors, and I’m looking for production teams to work with! I could especially be an asset for your production in Costa Rica with my bilingual skills, so I think this could be a really amazing opportunity to work together and I wanted to create a video for you introducing myself (because I learn from the best ;D).


my favorite stories I’ve worked on so far…

Step Into the Offering Plate

Project Rescue is a non-profit that works to rescue and restore women and children from sexual slavery, this is their story.

Still a favorite piece I enjoy watching, this was a project where I was in charge of crafting the story as Producer, Director and Editor. As you can probably tell, it was pieced together with several different interviews (some recent, some from years ago) and different shoots from around the world.

Some of the filming was done by a DP in India that I coordinated with and directed. I sent him interview questions, shot lists, lighting diagrams, the storyboard, and as much detail as possible so that the look would remain similar to the interviews I had done in the states.

The client uses this film often and it’s by far their favorite piece of several films they have!

One Child Matters, A Documentary

This film follows the stories of two young girls in different villages of Ethiopia, and how One Child Matter changed their lives.

This was a team-of-one project where I was in charge of producing, directing, filming and editing. It was a very quick and fast-paced couple days!

When I re-watch this piece, I think of all the ways I could’ve made it better- maybe used a different hook, and definitely used more journey plot points before the resolution… But in the end this film encouraged several hundred women to sponsor kids, and because of that impact and result, I feel happy and satisfied with the film. The purpose of the film was fulfilled, and it was incredible to play such a big part!

Thanks for taking the time to watch my video and my work! If you enjoyed those films at all, you can give yourself a pat on the back for being an instrumental part in my journey. ;)

You can see more stories I worked on below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

EMAIL: irisfilmandphoto@gmail.com PHONE: 417-597-2035