People are the characters in your story, and they are the driving force behind the emotional connection your audience has. A story is never stronger than the people in it.


“Including unnecessary secondary characters risks diluting the audience’s connection to the story.”


Actress playing as Amy.

Actress playing as Amy.


In quotes because we can’t reveal her real name for security. Amy is from Nigeria. She's a very sweet and caring girl, but has been through some horrendous experiences in her life.


DESIRE: To be free, independent and confident woman. To be rescued from her traffickers. For her life to be her own.

COMPLEXITY: Because she's been enslaved, she's beaten, she's trafficked, her life is not her own, everything she's had has been stripped away from her, including her dignity and self worth.

UNIQUENESS: She comes from a poor family in Nigeria and she has a daughter, but left them in hopes of getting a job in Spain to provide for them.

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Fiona is the director of Project Rescue in Spain. She longs to rescue and restore the many women that are trafficked there.


DESIRE: They want to see these women set free- literally from trafficking, but also free from fear, from the brainwashing, and the lies they've accepted about themselves. She wants to see them be set free by the Lord, most of all.

COMPLEXITY: She LOVES these women. They are her daughters, and she cared deeply for them.

UNIQUENESS: She's very selfless and works day and night, schedule packed full because she's so passionate about these girls.

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Beth Grant

She wants to see sexual exploitation come to an end in the world.


DESIRE: She wants to see sexual exploitation come to an end in the world.

COMPLEXITY: Because slavery is evil and sinful and hurts so many women, children directly, and indirectly hurts everyone else.

UNIQUENESS: She started Project Rescue with her husband over 20 yrs ago.