The 5 Keywords represent the purpose or intent behind the story. They represent the inspiration, tone, audience, action, and uniqueness of the story.

In defining the purpose of the story as a series of single words, we ensure that we’re getting at the essence of the story in the clearest way possible.

The Keywords are developed and agreed upon at the beginning of a project so that we have a tangible filter for all of our creative decisions moving forward. By doing so, we're ensuring that the content we create delivers the right results in the right way.

We arrive at the Keywords by looking at a series of prompts and brainstorming all the relevant, single-word answers for each. While we considered many iterations of each Keyword, what we've presented here is what we’d recommend as the purpose behind this story.



Despite the horrendous events that happened in Amy's life, God was able to bring so much redemption and completely transformed her life.


The physical journey from Africa to Spain. The journey of being trafficked and lied to. The journey from slavery to freedom physically and spiritually.


The Heart of this story will connect with people who have a heart. It will move those that didn't know, inspire those that already cared about this cause, and encourage those who are already passionate and involved.


Moved by the insane story and how God completely turned it around. Moved to do something more about it, to take it personally and take action.

Join in Rescue Day and encourage others to do the same! Join the cause, and be an advocate- share the film, donate, talk to others.