Whenever I commit to a project, whether big or small, I always approach it with a “do it with excellence” mindset. I’ve been a part of bigger productions with a big crew and also have done many projects as a team of one. No matter what role I’m in, I always begin with “What is the Story?” Because story will always trump however many cool shots you have, or whether you’re using top-of-the-line gear.. It doesn’t mean we can’t have those things too, but if you can make your audience feel something, they will remember that.

The goal is to make your audience feel something that leads them to your message.

And that’s what I’m here to help you with!



If you know the results you are after, but need some help finding the right story to tell, you’ve come to the right person! I put a STRONG emphasis on Pre-Production so that before any cameras start rolling, everyone involved is headed in the same direction with the same goal. I do lots of research and coordination (with you) to figure out the best story to tell and then begin working on storyline structures, storyboards, pre-interviews, contracting outside help (when needed), shot lists, and more - all the while making sure we have good communication on expectations.


After a thorough Pre-Production and approved storyboard, Production begins and we can roll camera! We’ll have some successful and fun video shoots that will go seamlessly because of all the work and prep that went into Pre-Production. The scope of production depends on budget and goals, and can be simple 1-man crew with a simple interview setup, or a full-blown short-film production to hire all the experts in the field (DP, Art Director, Gaffer, Sound, Hair/Makeup, Special Effects Technician, etc.) I’ve done both spectrums of production, and one of the things I always will tell clients,

“We can always find ways to cut down the budget on the production, but I won’t ever cut pre-production because that’s what ensures an engaging and effective story.”


Post-Production goes even more smoothly than Production because everything up to this point has been super intentional. We’ve been intentional in the planning, in the shooting, and now all we have to do is piece it together, like a beautiful and easy puzzle. (Cheesy analogy but it does feel like this!) I will be editing the story together, which makes me pretty efficient because I’ve already pictured the whole thing in my mind by the time we’re done shooting. Depending on budget, there’s also options to hire a professional Sound Designer (highly-recommend) and a professional Colorist.

By the end you will have a beautiful story in your hands that you will be proud of. And that’s my goal!